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The Best Royal jelly Capsules Australia Products – VITATREE 1600 mg Softgel

Vitatree Royal Jelly is full of protein, cabohydrate supply, vitamins A, C, D, E along with the B group. In addition, it consists of 18 aminoacids, 18 enzymes, minerals, acetylcholine and 10-Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acidity.

Produced from
6% 10 – HDA Royal Jelly Powder.

Royal Jelly is considered as the natural valuables, produced by working bees with the intention to feed and nurture the queen bee and also recently hatched larvae. It’s really a super nutrition and is also exclusively resource which is fed through the entire queen bee’s lifespan. It enables the queen to grow up 2 times as big as working bees and also to live something like two year period much longer.

Royal Jelly has been employed for thousands of years to boost longevity, arouse the sexual desire and also reestablish stamina.  Vitatree Royal Jelly Australia is abundant supplies of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, vit A, C, D, E along with B group. In addition, it features 18 amino acids, 18 enzymes, mineral, and acetylcholine

Warning: The product consists of royal jelly that has been reported to cause allergic reactions, particularly in asthma and also allergy patients. Not suitable for the children.
Direction of usage: 1-2 capsule every day after mealtime.


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